Fluor Polymer

  • High grade paint/coating anionic fluoropolymer acrylic polymer emulsion WCT-305
    High Grade Paint/coating Anionic Fluoropolymer Acrylic Polymer Emulsion WCT 305
    USD 3.78
  • fluorescent whitening agents for plastic polymer detergent ob / ob-1 / ksn / kcb / cbs-x
    Fluorescent Whitening Agents For Plastic Polymer Detergent Ob / Ob 1 / Ksn / Kcb / Cbs X
    USD 20.00
  • Hot selling for the whitening of high polymers fluorescent brightener ksn
    Hot Selling For The Whitening Of High Polymers Fluorescent Brightener Ksn
    USD 42.00
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